Stop losing money 💰 in your Ecommerce 🛍️ business, Right Now!

(Ignore this DBT Method at your own risk… The secrets that you are about to discover, will convert your online store 🏪 into a well oiled cash-generating machine…)

As you read this, 8 out of 10 online stores are losing money right now, 90% of the Startups fail in first 3 years of operation 😿 … (2023 IBM India Study) and many of them are barely sustaining, dragging themselves in sales, going into debt.. or staring at a long winter ahead of leaky shopping carts.

So… what about you?🫵 ... Is your Ecomm shop one of them?

If that question makes you squirm, even slightly… then yes, And… I won't be surprised if you tell me that your online shop performance is giving you sleepless nights 😳 and making you hunt for solutions online, or worse… looking for answers among the so-called expert 'Digital Marketing Guru's' on Youtube.

Is that, actually... giving you any solid help?... hardly, what you get is new 'gyan' or expensive solutions that will take ages to implement or is a new-age, tech mumbo-jumbo.

You don't find real-world, hands-on help(without burning a hole in your pocket)...😡

Help, that dives deep into the functioning of your shopping cartyour customer journey… your shop analytics… and helps in converting your Ecomm Store into a full fledged cash-generating machine.

Here's the brutal truth...

We have seen how business owners hop Guru's after Guru's, Agencies after Agencies without seeing the transformation they expect, without seeing their dashboard bursting tight with Orders.

The truth is… the Gurus have their own agenda and information online won't provide you with real 'on-ground', 'in-cart' help. 🤷‍♀️

So how do you make your Shopping Cart go ringing non-stop? ☎️

Well… there's hope... the answer exists, and we will help you discover it… though let me warn you, if you are looking for a magic-bullet ⁍, then there’s none. It's pure science 🧬.If you are looking for a 'Wizard of Oz' formula then stop reading further.

Before we delve further, let's look at the 🖐️ five deadly Ecomm store killers that pull your store down, like a 5 ton concrete slab, tied to your ankle in deep… shaaaarky waters.🦈

⛔️ The Ecommerce Quicksand(Harsh truths that we ignore):

  1. 🤹 High Competition: The Indian e-commerce market is fiercely competitive, with major players like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra constantly vying for market share. This leads to aggressive pricing strategies and heavy discounts, which squeezes the profit margins of medium and small businesses like yours.
  2. 📈 High Customer Acquisition Costs: This is no brainer, acquiring new customers online can be expensive, especially with the need for effective marketing campaigns and paid advertising. This can be a significant drain on resources for smaller e-commerce stores.
  3. 🚚 Logistics Challenges: India's vast size and diverse infrastructure can pose logistical challenges for e-commerce businesses. Delivery costs can be high, and ensuring timely and reliable deliveries can be difficult, especially in rural areas.
  4. 🏬 Cart Abandonment: A significant portion of online shoppers in India abandon their carts before completing the purchase.
  5. 💸 Limited Product Margins: Many e-commerce stores in India, particularly those selling low-value items, have limited product margins. This makes it difficult to generate enough profit to cover operational costs.

The harsh reality is...

While many e-commerce stores operate at a minimum margins or loss, some are profitable. Those that succeed 🏆 often have a strong niche focus, efficient logistics systems, and effective customer acquisition strategies. But every profitable niche eventually attracts competition and very soon the profitable niche ceases to be profitable.

And as if hyper competition, limited margins and logistics woes were not enough. A study by SAP found that 45% of Indian online shoppers abandon their carts before completing the purchase. 🤦‍♀️ This high rate of Shopping Cart Abandonment, indicates significant potential revenue loss.

And therefore, potential revenue loss in your online store means -

  • 📉 Reduced Cash Flow: Continuous losses will deplete your store's cash reserves, making it difficult to pay bills, invest in growth, and maintain operations.
  • 📈 Increased Debt: To stay afloat, the store may need to take on debt, which adds to your financial pressure and interest payments.
  • ❌ Unsustainable Business Model: If losses persist, the store's long-term viability becomes questionable, potentially leading to closure.

This is the eventual and inevitable reality of leaky, broken or expensively managed ecomm business.

But... Hangon, there's good news too 😍 🎉 ...

Because, and while there are many reasons that contribute to an Online store’s failure, there are 👉 three variables that will not only stop your Ecomm store loss but will unleash new revenue streams 💰💰💰.

And those three variables are -

  • Increased conversion rates.
  • Reduced Shopping Cart abandonment &
  • Reduced operations costs.

These three components are the 😇 💡 DBT ('Divine Business Trinity'), that works in perfect sync in order to generate healthy cash-flow in your store.

Remember this... 👇

  • ✔️ If you have 'Increased conversions' but your 'Shopping Cart Abandonment' is high then the profit will be negligible,
  • ✔️ if 'Shopping Cart Abandonment' is low but no 'Increased conversions' then too the cash-flow will be missing.
  • ✔️ And if your 'Increased conversions' and 'Shopping Cart Abandonment' is in the right zone, but Operations Costs are high then too your cash-flow will be adversely affected and you will have a store that will sink anytime ⛔️ 😱

So... to unleash growth and make your Shopping Cart go, Ka-Ching!. You just don't have any option but to make the DBT work for you.

Which leads us to the task of...

Putting the DBT in motion FOR YOU...

So, to get the DBT working in your favor… and convert your online businesses into a well oiled growth engine , we have developed services that will help Small and Medium Enterprises like yours, fine tune its shopping store 🛒, and put your store on the growth path 🚀.

We work like your back-end growth partner providing mission critical ecommerce services that employ hardcore science 🧪 and data-driven methodologies to boost your Conversions. 💰💰💰

We tweak and manage your online store for peak performance 🏃‍➡️ , providing it with a best chance to perform, in hyper competitive markets.

And how does DBT exactly 🚀 boost your store growth?

  1. As part of the DBT process...we conduct UX/UI Audit, identify the 'growth drivers' that that specifically applies to your 🫵 kind of ecommerce business, generate compelling ‘Sticky’ content and graphical digital assets to boost customer’s time, attention and spends. 💵
  2. Address hidden Mobile 📱 optimization issues to optimize relevant audience traffic.
  3. Work on clear and intuitive navigation and CTA’s for fine tuning sales.🤩
  4. Deliver personalized customer experiences through targeted campaigns, email marketing, and loyalty programs. By leveraging data analytics, businesses can understand customer preferences and behavior, tailoring their offerings and communications to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. 📊
  5. Effective use of social media, content marketing, and paid influencer partnerships can enhance brand visibility and credibility. 🔝
  6. Your store's strong brand presence can help differentiate your business from its competitors and build long-term customer trust and loyalty. 💏
  7. Run A/B tested, targeted and sustained Lead Generation or Customer Acquisition 🧲 campaigns to keep your store ringing… minus the hefty costs. 🤗

With DBT, you get all the cutting-edge expertise, hand-delivered at reduced operational costs, that does not bore a hole in your pocket, generates a higher ROI🎁 and puts more money in your store dashboard.

It's a Proven, Done and Delivered, Performance Guaranteed model 👌 that works 24/7 ⏰… for you without any hassles, while you relax. 😴

💥 And here's a kicker

Using DBT, Ignite Water Purifiers 💧 (a brand of Ion Exchange, ZeroB), one of the top Indian publicly listed companies achieved a 472% ROI with 60% of their allocated campaign budget…📈

Here's what the Brand team has 💬 to say about it:

"Webmattic helped us launch our premium flagship brand Ignite.

Provided us with a 472% ROI on 60% of the allocated media budget for digital marketing. Plus, they are a very responsive team. "

Shikhar Bhaduria
ZeroB - Digital Marketing [India]

✋ Now stop reading... Take a deep breath, suspend that inner critic of yours, just for a second…

And allow yourself to imagine 🤔 for a moment. Your Ecomm Store has -

  • ✅ Stopped doing slow sales,
  • ✅ Plugged its Order leakages,
  • ✅ And has started generating 10% to 20% 💹 more Orders(to start with)🧾

In your Ecommerce dashboard… you see more Cash 💰💰💰.

How does that make you feel? 🫶… What would you do with that kind of growth? 🌱 … Employ more people? 💪, Expand your business? 💼, Go on a vacation? 🏖️ Or just Relax 🧘‍♂️, knowing that your business is being taken care of.

So to supercharge ⚡⚡⚡ online businesses like yours we have carefully crafted plans 🗒️, that when implemented turns the business tide 🌊 in your 🫵 favor.

What more, we understand 🧠 that, there are chances you might not not need a full fledged DBT digital super power approach, thus to fuel your ecommerce store, you might just want Design, Graphical and Video power... so, we provide you that too, as a customized and segmented plan 🗒️, tailored to your unique needs.

Lets say -

  1. You just need transformational professional design, graphics & presentation support to work on your product images , revise the content etc, we provide you that.
  2. Let's suppose you just need to make periodical video bytes to promote your services, we provide you that too.
  3. And… if you want the full power of DBT, to drive targeted lead generations and full funnel digital marketing conversions you get that too.

Here's Three Powerful Ways You Benefit...

✅ We provide you the DBT Bundle of Unlimited, Custom High Converting Graphic designs, Powerpoint Presentations, Videos, SEO, SMO, A/B Testing, Ad Campaigns, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition & Web Development... all in one neat package(customised as per your requirement).

✅ What more, for the first 50 customers (who sign up with us), we provide a Free!!! SEO Audit worth Rs.7499/-. You actually get a professional report showing you, how your site is leaking traffic to your competitors. And how you can fix it.

✅ Plus... And this is a HUGE one, we give you Five High Converting Customized DBT format, Ad Banner Copy free for your product (DBT Copy has generated business worth more than Rs.30,00,000/- in Revenue, for our clients.)

Thats a total package of Rs.1,47,499/ (Cost of Traffic Audit and custom DBT Copy) absolutely Free! to you.

🔥🔥🔥 So you get quick power results with a 24/hrs turnaround time, within the lowest investment possible, guaranteed to deliver more business than you are doing presently.

Don't take our word for it.. Listen to what our clients say 💬 -

More on what other clients are saying:

"Webmattic designed and developed Explorius Web & Mobile Tech stack with predictable outcomes. Helped us scale our Martech.

Followed by great reporting and attention to details."

Kjersti Halvorsen
Educatius AB - Global Digital Asset Mgr [USA]

"Team Webmattic worked hard on our brand, from conceptualizing & designing Product packs to execution of our Ad Campaigns.

The entire brand persona was built by Webmattic and proved to be effective."

Ketan Lad
TCN Nutrition - Marketing Manager [India]

"Webmattic team's strategy recommendations are pure Gold!

I am happy to say that Webmattic has helped us tremendously in our digital marketing efforts.

Najeeb Shaikh
Sealedweb - Founder [UAE]

🛠️ How it works(in Three simple steps) 👇

  • You get a one-time ☝️ discounted investment slab,that you will pick and choose from basis your business needs.
  • We Onboard you, get your requirements. Undertand your business goals.
  • And Voila! we start applying our expertise, to put your business on the growth path 💯.

⚠️ Important

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