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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we create an account with Webmattic?

You can click on the selected plan and pay the subscription fee. The payment will be transacted through the payment gateway.Once your payment is confirmed at our end, you will get a mail with your Account credentials.

What payment method do you support?

We support all modes of payment from Visa, MasterCard, AmEx Credit Card and Debit Card transactions to payment using Wire.

And in case if there is a payment method not covered by us and you would like to use it, kindly send us a mail at support@webmattic.in and our team will respond to your needs accordingly.

What is the media budget required for my campaigns?

We work with a minimum media budget of USD 2000. You can directly fund your FB account with the media budget, alternately we can help you process and create one. Our professional fees to manage the media will be as per the plan you selected.

What is your Refund policy?

We provide you the first project to test our services Free, post which a refund is not eligible. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, we will refund you, your subscription amount minus the work delivered(billed Pro-rata), online payment platform charges and taxes.

How do you provide support?

We provide support through email (support@webmattic.in), and also Skype or Zoom as per your convenience.

Can we get your work references from your clients?

Sure, Send us a request and we will give you work references and existing client connect too for you to verify our creds.

For any further queries please contact us:

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