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Case Study


Assignment: UX / UI / Mobile App / Web App

Explorius is an European company, offering a variety of educational and cultural opportunities globally to High school students.High School Study in the USA programs offer 15-18 year old students an opportunity to study in an American high school for one semester, school year or multiple years, with a chance to receive high diploma. Students can choose between Public, Private and Boarding schools.

Explorius leveraged on networked applications to connect with its students and augment its business offerings..

Task Assigned -

Digital Web and Mobile Asset Creation
Develop a student exchange application for web, iOS and Android, integrated with the company’s online Sitecore platform.
Integration of Digital Asset with organization's online systems
The web and mobile application would perform CRUD operations and sync with the organization’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
Digital assets must carry centralized complex administrative capability
The application would also carry a complex admin module for the organization to interface with their exchange students.The role of the Exchange app will be to act as a central resource for the students to interact with the organizations cultural and academic programs, access their travel itinerary, details of host families and boardings.
Product screenshot
Explorius Students

Design and Development Process

  • Developing the Wireframe
  • Designing High Fidelty Design
  • Coding the Apps
  • Deploying it on App Stores

Low and High Fidelty designs were crafted for Web and Mobile applications. Post approval from the Brands stakeholders, the design was pushed for Coding.

Campaign Screenshot
Campaign Screenshot

Design Implementation

Multiple creatives were designed with various sizes, below are few graphical representation of the Ad Banners used on Social Media.

Explorius LoginDashboardExplorius Emergency ContactHost familyExplorius family mapExplorius app searchExplorius app settingsExplorius studen program